STCW Manila Amendments: Security Awareness Training effective 1/1/2014


IMO STCW logoTo enhance crews’ awareness of security issue, the IMO STCW Convention will require all crew members to participate in security related training from the 1st January 2014.

The STCW Manila Amendments introduced a new qualification for each crew member on board.
Seafarers without designated security duties must still receive training in security awareness.
Every seafarer with designated security duties must be able to perform designated on board security duties, including anti-piracy and anti-armed-robbery-related activities. This includes the recognition of security risks and threats, regular ship inspections, proper usage of security equipment and maintaining the conditions as set out in the ship security plan.
This training needs to be undertaken once during the seafarer career.
The training will become mandatory from the 1st January 2014.


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